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RunFit Kidz will be implementing a “wave” start for the 5K this season.  A wave is simply a subset of runners starting at different times.  It does not affect finish times for the chipped bibs.  Crossing the start line is when the runner’s time begins.  We will have 5 waves and each RunFit Kidz participant will be assigned a wave.  These waves have been established to ensure a safe start for all runners. Following is a list of questions and answers that should explain the wave process, however, if you still have questions please do not hesitate to email us at 


1.  Why are you doing waves?  We included waves this season for the safety of all our runners.  The path is narrow at the start and we want to allow all runners to take off at their pace in a safe manner.

2.  How do you know which wave you are in?  Your bib # will have a color label with your assigned wave. Please review the email your Coach sent with a picture of the Bib and the sticker that will be placed with the wave number.  

3.  How are waves assigned?  Waves were assigned based on coaches’ feedback regarding your child’s mile time, laps completed and overall ability during each practice.  This is about SAFETY as this is a non-competitive race, but we realize people have different paces and want to accommodate this safely.  If you are concerned about the assigned wave number, please discuss with your child’s coach.

4.  When will we line up for our wave?  You will be instructed to line up by race management via announcements as well as guided by coaches and volunteers at the starting area.  Wave 1 will be directed to the path and the starting line first.  And Wave 2 will be directed into the corral to hold until the first wave takes off.  All other subsequent waves will be asked to hold in the staging area until directed. Again, finish times are not affected by a wave start.

5.  How much time between each wave?  We anticipate having 2minutes between each wave, but we reserve the right to adjust as needed on race day. 

6.  What if I want to run with my friend in an earlier wave? You may move from your assigned Wave to a later Wave only. For example, if you are assigned to Wave 1, you may move back to Wave 2, Wave 3, Wave 4, or Wave 5. However, you may NOT move to an earlier Wave. For example, you may not move from Wave 5 to Wave 4, from Wave 4 to Wave 3, or from Wave 3 to Wave 2 etc. This is for the safety of all runners – please adhere to these rules as outlined. 

7.  How come parents/siblings and other family members are not assigned waves?  RunFit Kidz is all about the kids so we ask all family members to self-seed in the waves they feel most comfortable. The following is estimated per mile pace for each wave.  If you do not run the same pace as your runner then seed yourself in the appropriate wave.  If you would like to run together seed yourself in the wave of the slower runner.  Again this is about safety. 

Wave 1 – Sub 7min pace per mile
Wave 2 – Sub 8min pace per mile
Wave 3 – Sub 9min pace per mile
Wave 4 – Sub 10min pace per mile
Wave 5 – Remaining Runners

8.  Does this mean that my child or I MUST carry the same pace throughout the race?  No. The waves are based on average per mile paces.  So, you may line up in the Sub 9min pace, but you run an 8:50pace and your child runs a 8:05 pace – both are sub 9min but very different pace.  Additionally, pace often varies due to terrain, elevation and other runner’s adjustments.

9.  How can I prepare my RunFit Kid? The best way is to discuss the process and review the course map with your child.  Additionally, our coaches will be discussing the 5K details during practice. And will offer a pre-run briefing at the start/finish line at 7:30AM should you still have questions or concerns. 

10.  I still feel confused is there a way to get more information?  YES! You are welcome to email Corky Sturtevant at with any of your questions.  And will offer a pre-run briefing at the start/finish line at 7:30AM should you still have questions or concerns. 

11.  I know this race is for the kids but how do I find out my time?  Just as in previous races look at the timing clock as you finish.  If you started in the first wave than that is your time.  If you started in the 2nd wave then you will subtract 2minutes (or designated time), if you started in the 3rd wave then you subtract 4min. etc .etc.