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Fall 2018 Parking Map- please note that the "closest/best" parking will be the first to exit.  Please arrive early to secure your spot

Turn By Turn Course Narrative

  • Start on CCT close to historic barn
  • Run (single lane) approximately 4/10 miles on CCT to Occoquan Park Rd
  • Right on Occoquan Park Rd and run (single lane) approximately 2/10 miles (uphill!) to Rt. 123 Sidepath
  • Right on Rt. 123 sidepath  (single lane) for approximately 2/10 miles
  • Right at the Rt 123 entrance to the Workhouse (single lane) for approximately 40 yards
  • Left on Workhouse Way (likely two way runner traffic) for approximately 2/10 miles to Workhouse Road
  • Right at Workhouse Road and move to the right-most road lane
  • Run on Workhouse Road (on the right lane on the road (single lane)) for approximately 1/2 mile to Lorton  (formerly named Furnace) Road
  • Move to the sidepath on Lorton Road — Stay LEFT due to two way runner traffic
  • Run on the Lorton Road sidepath (two way lane) for approximately 4/10 miles to the turnaround (U-Turn)
  • Turnaround on the Lorton Road sidepath (two way lane) for approximately 3/10 miles
  • Left at the diagonal path (single lane) and run approximately 2/10 miles
  • Left at the Workhouse Road sidepath (single lane) and run approximately 4/10 miles back to the entrance to the Workhouse
  • Left at Workhouse Way and run (stay left, road split for runner and vehicle traffic) for approximately 1/10 mile to the lane just past the Workhouse
  • Left (stay left, road split for runner and vehicle traffic) on the parking road for approximately 2/10 mile back to the CCT
  • Left at the CCT approximately 1/10 mile to return to the finish  (single lane)

Fall 2018 Course Marshall Map - Notating EMT, Course Marshalls and Water Stop.

Fall 2018 - 5K Course Map - Notating Mileage in miles.

Fall 2018 Course Maps

Workhouse Arts Center, 9518 Workhouse Rd. Lorton VA 22079