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RunFit Kidz, a running and fitness program developed specifically for boys and girls in grades 2 – 6 (1st by approval) is now available as a PTA/PTO sponsored program and to the Home School Community - age group 7 - 15yrs of age.  

Note:  If you are part of a Home School group, we have a bit more flexibility on the participant ages so please contact us for more specific information.

RunFit Kidz is designed to teach youths of all fitness levels about proper running mechanics, nutrition/hydration, pacing and goal setting.  The class will include dynamic warm-ups, strengthening and speed drills, form, stretching and plenty of games.  Our commitment is for children at all levels to run better, faster, and smarter and for the students to end the 7 or 8-week program with increased running knowledge and enhanced love for being active.  The program concludes with a 5k run/walk that is held locally.


  • RunFit Kidz is a coed program designed for students in grades 2 – 6 (specific grades may vary by school - check your desired school for specifics.). 
  • There is little to no emphasis on competition.  The focus is to introduce and engender a passion for running and fitness.
  • Each week will be new activities that relate to the daily topic, nutrition tip of the day, and endurance run to prepare for the 5K Celebration Run.

Composition of each Session: 

  • Each session will include:​
    • ​Warm-up
    • Dynamic Stretching
    • Running Games
    • General Strength Drills
    • Endurance Run
    • Cool Down
    • Nutrition Tip of the Day
  • Intensity and number of repetitions may increase each week as participants develop new skills and endurance.


  • Our instructors are certified running coaches, personal trainers, group fitness instructors, physical education teachers or pedorthists.  All are highly qualified to instruct emerging runners.  See "Meet the Coaches" for more information on each coach.

We offer Fall and Spring Sessions Start Date/Duration/Hours/Location:

  • The 7 or 8-week program will kick off in mid to late September and conclude before Thanksgiving break for fall and starts late March and concludes before Memorial Day for the spring session.
  • The group will meet once per week for one hour and 15 minutes on the same day of each week.
  • RunFit Kidz will take place at your school; on the school grounds.  During inclement weather days (thunder/lightening) - note: kids will run in the rain - the kids will work indoors in a location to be determined by a school representative.  Home School groups will meet at a designated park location.

Min # /Max # of attendees:

  • The minimum number of students required to hold the program is 15
  • The maximum number of students for each program is 25, however, should the number exceed this amount we will work hard to secure an additional coach so all students may participate.  

School Liaison & Personnel

  • The intent is to offer this program through the PTA / PTO 
  • The RunFit Kidz instructor will coordinate with a PTA / PTO liaison
  • The PTA / PTO liaison will coordinate with school personnel as necessary to secure field space and inclement weather indoor space.
  • We will require one-two adult volunteer per 20 kids each week and the volunteer may sign up for any week they choose.  The coaches will be handling the scheduling of volunteers so the PTA will not have to be concerned with organizing this aspect of the program. 
  • Home School groups will be set-up differently and a predetermined location will be set up by the RunFit Kidz staff, so no liaison will be necessary to coordinate field space, but volunteers are always helpful to keep the session moving along.

Equipment Needed:

  • Unless otherwise arranged all equipment used during the session will be provided by the instructor.  This may include agility ladders, cones, mini-hurdles, resistance bands, and jump ropes.
  • Each student must have appropriate shoes for running.
  • Each student must be properly dressed and ready to run, stretch, and exercise.
  • Each student is asked to bring their own water bottle to each session.

What we Require from the School?: The good news it is very little as this is a turn-key program.

  • Promotion/Distribution of RunFit Kidz information through your school’s lines of communication – i.e. newsletters, email blasts, take home flyers etc.
  • Location in the school for inclement weather days and the first session of RunFit Kidz.  Note: We typically do not need to be inside even when it is raining as we run in the rain – the only time we will need to come inside is if their is thunder/lightening.  So this location is just for emergency purposes and I can discuss with a PTA representative the specific needs required to hold the session.
  • Home School groups will also practice in the rain, but if extreme weather causes us to cancel class then the class will be moved to another day that week (if possible) or added to the following week.
  • A designated location on the field for RunFit Kidz which will need to include enough running space for students – especially if we have 2 sessions running simultaneously. 
  • A short meeting with myself and/or the coach and a PTA representative so that we can decide (and see) where the students will be dismissed and where the field is in relationship – very helpful to have the lay of the land.

 If you are interested in bringing RunFit Kidz to your school please contact us so that we can get all the proper paperwork prepared.    As mentioned this is a very turnkey program and extremely easy to include in your after-school programs line-up.