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RunFit Kidz has a Safe Return to Activity Plan in place that calls for stringent protocols. This is to ensure participant and staff safety, which is paramount in everything we do here at RunFit Kidz. We will continue to follow FCPS and will update this activity plan as we work towards and through the season.

The RunFit Kidz safety protocols for return to school are as follows: If you are sick, DO NOT participate in any sessions.  STAY HOME!

  • If you are sick, DO NOT participate in any sessions.  STAY HOME!  Please keep others safe and stay away.

  • Every participant should review the Daily Health Screening. Please click the link to review.  
    • This applies to ALL participants, staff and parent volunteers or anyone that will be coming on to the grounds during our session.

  • Masks
    • Outdoor activities – masks not required
    • Indoor activities – masks required for coaches and all players who are not participating in the activity
    • This applies to students, staff and parent volunteers or anyone attending our session.  

  • Please ensure you have all your running gear, sneakers tied and ready to go and your own water bottle
    • Students and coaches will provide their own water in individual containers. No water supplied on site due to COVID restrictions.
    •  Each will need to have a minimum of 32 ounces; more is recommended based on individual need.

  • Social Distancing - we will encourage participants apply the social distancing rule to the best of their abilities and given the activities.   

  • Staff are encouraged to wear masks during the practice especially when appropriate distance cannot be maintained.  Coaches will often remove their masks to provide directions and encouragement especially when distance is easily maintained.  

  • Equipment
    • Cleaning and disinfection protocols are in place.

  • Restroom availability is either unavailable or not easily accessed, so we encourage you to remind your runner to use the bathroom prior to meeting their coach.  

  • Illness/COVID Case Reporting
    • Please be sure to report any positive cases to your coach.  We will follow school procedures.  

  • Signing-Out your child.  At the conclusion, we ask that you mask up when you come to sign out your child from class.  

Note: these policies/procedures will be updated as needed based on FCPS, school policy, PTA policy and any staff recommendations.