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Registration Process

Registration Procedure:  

We strongly encourage you to read the below information prior to registration opening so that you are familiar with the process as some classes may fill quickly, so it is best to understand the process and get any questions answered prior to the start of registration. The below includes payment options, refund policies and the wait-list.   Registration Opens on February 9th at 8:00 AM.  Classes begin the week of March 18th (for most schools).

***NOTE: AthleteReg is a new registration system this season and while we do not anticipate any disruption during our registration process - we do realize that things can come up when you are using a new process for the first time.  We ask for your patience and rest assured we will do our best to answer any of your questions or troubleshoot any issues in a timely fashion.***   

  • When you have read the below information please click on the Registration/Schedule from the drop-down menu to register. 
  • The cost of the program is $115 and includes the 5K (this does not include processing fees). Parents who wish to participate in the 5K must register for an additional fee - see the 5K tab for more information.  
  • Payment Options:  We have two payment options available for our families - each has its own distinct benefits; processing fees and refund policies so please click HERE to read about each and choose the option at the time of registration that works best for your family. Note: we are no longer accepting checks if this is the only way you can pay, please contact us to discuss.  
    • Credit Card 
    • Venmo
  • STOP!!!! Please review the Refund Policy HERE so that you understand the differences in the two payment options, processing fees and refund policy.  

***Please be careful to not double register your child.  RunFit Kidz is not responsible for the processing fee you may be charged if you accidentally register your child twice.  While this is rare it does happen so, please take your time to ensure this doesn't happen to you.  You are welcome to email if you would like to check your child's registration.  Should you be charged 2x for the program RFK will refund the cost of the program but not the processing fee. You will need to email your refund request to - refunds will be sent after the registration period has closed


    • Everyone will initially be wait-listed.
    • Upon registration a confirmation screen will appear with your wait-list registration – PRINT AND BOOKMARK THIS PAGE!
    • You may check the status of your registration by revisiting your bookmarked page – you may see any of the following notices: The status is PENDING APPROVAL, the status is DECLINED OR RECEIPT.
    • You will receive an email ONLY when you have been “confirmed” and placed on the roster.
    • Venmo Option Registrants will receive a confirmation email, but you are not registered nor on the waitlist until payment has been received as I will add names to the roster manually. Once the class meets its minimums or maximum you will be contacted as to your child's status.  
    • Names will be released from the waitlist as determined by management, so this will not be random, therefore registering early is very important. 
    • The “confirmation” emails will be done on a rolling process once we reach our minimum number of participants until on-time registration closes.
    • Confirming emails may be received in as little as a few hours to days or weeks – it really depends on how quickly the program fills at any given school. 
    • Your credit card will NOT be charged until you are confirmed in the program, and you receive a confirmation email and/or your Status is shown as “Accepted”.
    • If you do not receive a confirmation email by the time registration closes, then please check your bookmark for your status or feel free to email us. 
    • Space is limited and max number of allowed students varies by school average class size is between 25-30 runners.
    • You may contact us at any time if you need help checking your child's wait-list status at
  • Why are we doing it this way? We wanted to make sure to only charge the individuals whose registrations were accepted, so reducing the number of refunds.  
  • Program Fees: $115 -  The fees include 8 sessions with Certified Fitness Professionals.  Note: If you are registering 3 or more children, please contact BEFORE you register to receive a 10% discount - please put multiple children discount in the subject heading.

NOTE - PROCESSING FEE - Please review the tab on processing fees for a full explanation.  If you have questions regarding these fees, please feel free to email me at corky@runfitkidz

  • Please note that the credit card charge will read AthleteReg as a Charge!!!!  Please note that!  Thank you.