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Why Join Us?                           *  Improve Strength!             

*  Meet like minded athletes! 

*  Stay active and fit!           

*  Improve Endurance!         

*  Improve Stability and     Agility! 

*  Prevent Injuries!

Head Coach: Corky Sturtevant

Please click here for her BIO!


Please contact us for small group and personal training pricing.  Organized session pricing will be posted in February.


Are you looking for small group training?  Or perhaps one on one?  Maybe you want that edge or just want to get stronger or faster?  

We would love to help you or your athlete find your peak potential.  We offer Small Group Training as well as Personal Coaching for athletes from Middle School thru Adulthood.  Note:  If you have someone younger than middle school please consider joining one of our RunFit Kidz programs as they are designed for an introduction to running and fitness.

​​Upcoming 2020 Training Opportunities                                                                                            Due to the uncertainty of COVID-19 - we find it it easiest to work directly with our personal and small group clients to set up a schedule that works best for them.

Contact us to choose the day/time that works best for you and/or your group.  We will work with you to create the perfect class for your schedule.