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RunFit Kidz FAQ’s

1.       Do I need to register my child for the 5K too?  NO – if you have a child registered for the RunFit Kidz program than they are already registered for the 5K.

2.       Will my credit card show a charge from RunFit Kidz?  NO – the charge will say either Metro Run & Walk OR SignMeUp.  These are the folks that handle the backend of our registration.

3.       Can I run with my child without a bib?  NO – for liability purposes we cannot allow you to run without a bib – please register early for the cheapest rate.

4.       I’m not a great runner do I have to run with my child at the 5K? NO – we realize that not every parent can keep up with their budding speedster so we do not require parents to run.

5.       I’m worried about my child running alone will their be people on the course?  YES – we will have many many volunteers along the course as well as police officers to ensure the children know where to go and to keep everyone safe.

6.       Does my child need to be able to run a mile to participate?  NO – we are going to help them gradually build their endurance and speed over the season.  We just want them to try their best and if that means running and walking that is great.

7.       I want to train for the 5K so I can be ready to run with my child what should I do?  Join the parents 5K training program.  Choose the "Parents 5K Training" from the menu bar to find out more details and how to register.

8.       If I register for the parents training program do I need to register for the 5K too?  No, if you choose to train with other parents for the 5K than you will automatically be registered for the 5K.  It is included in your fee.

9.       I would like to bring RunFit Kidz to my school what do I need to do?  Awesome!  Contact Corky Sturtevant at and let's talk about it.

10.      I would love to become a RunFit Kidz coach how do I go about signing up?  Woohoo - we are always looking for new coaches.  Please contact Corky Sturtevant at and let's get your trained.