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What is ZenFit Kidz?

ZenFit Kidz is an 6 Week Program offered to kids in grades K-3 and 4-6 before and after school 1x per week for 1hour.   The goal is to promote, foster and educate students on the benefits of yoga and healthy living.  

(Move, Feel, and Breathe while Having Fun!)

What is Yoga?

The word Yoga means Union or Yoke.  Its Purpose is to Unite:

  • The Mind
  • The Body
  • The Spirit

Yoga is both a physical and mental practice.  We gain many health benefits from the physical practice of Yoga including Strength, Balance, and Flexibility. Through our Mental Practice and Breath work, we can be calm, slow down, be present in the moment, focus on what we are doing, and find inner peace.

Why ZenFit Kidz?

ZenFit Kidz offers children a non-competitive environment to become physically active, learn about body awareness, and build strength, balance, and flexibility. Yoga is a physical and mental practice that they can continue to do throughout their lives.   It will give them coping skills during times of stress and anxiety; build confidence in their body and whole-self, and make them feel good. 

ZenFit Kidz is a FUN way to Move, Feel, and Breathe!


ZenFit Kidz is a coed program designed for students in grades K-3 or 4-6. 

Students will learn:

  • Breathing techniques to help them become energized, calmed, and balanced when needed.
  • Physical poses while staying on their mats (No competition or judgment-just being in the moment).
  • Learn to assess how they are feeling- (Challenging but not harming themselves)
  • They will learn to show respect (Listen to self, others, and instructors)
  • Students will learn yoga is a life-long practice (They just need to participate not be perfect... Just TRY!)

Composition of each Session:

  • Each week students will learn new poses, breath techniques, and relaxation skills that relate to the daily theme.
    • Themed lesson will focus on particular body areas (e.g., leg muscles, core strength, shoulders and upper body) as well as character traits (e.g. strength, determination, and truthfulness).
    • Warm up through games and fun activities
    • Learning a new way to breathe each week
    • Pose Instruction and breakdown
    • Balance and flexibility focus
    • Final Relaxation and Closing to bring it all together 


  • The instructors are Registered Yoga Teachers (ERYT 200), highly qualified and eager to instruct emerging yogis.  See "Meet the Coach" for more information on the instructors.


  • The Cost is TBD - depending on number of sessions and time block.