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"RunFit Kidz has been a wonderful experience for my son.  He has gained confidence in not only running but across the board in all of his other sports and activities.  I can't thank the coaches enough for spending the time to show him proper form and technique. "

Hunt Valley Elementary School Parent
"My daughter has been participating in RunFit Kidz for 2 seasons and has fully enjoyed the camaraderie and the feeling of accomplishment.  We look forward to next season."​

Orange Hunt Elementary School Parent
Thanks to RunFit Kidz - my son who is battling high cholesterol became more active and started eating more healthy and as a result his cholesterol dropped 25 points.  We still have a ways to go but he has learned a lot and plans to continue his new good habits."

Garfield Elementary School Parent


Registration is Open(for most locations check the listings).  

Zenfit Kidz


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We are working hard to find a location to hold clinics, camps and/or programs for young, budding triathletes.  Please do continue to check back or drop us an email  [...] 

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The RunFit Kidz Coaching Staff are highly trained runners, triathletes, fitness instructors and fitness fanatics.  All of our coaches are certified in either running, group fitness, [...]

We are so glad that you are here to learn about the RunFit Kidz program and why we are so passionate about children learning healthy habits at an early age.


I began brainstorming the RunFit Kidz program about  20 years ago when I was earning my teaching credential in elementary and middle school education at San Francisco State University.  While studying at SFSU I  [...]

"My 12yrs in the Navy found me running many a mile.  While I grew to enjoy it, truly my only preparation was to put on my sneakers (not even proper running shoes!) and hit the road.  I learned more about correct running form and technique in the first 2 sessions of RunFit Kidz than I did in all the years I was in the military.  I had no idea there was so much to learn about running and I'm so grateful that my children are learning early on.  Thank you."​

Grateful Home School Mother

Educating, Fostering and Promoting the Benefits of Running and Healthy Living to Children

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RunFit Kidz, a running and fitness program developed specifically for boys and girls in grades 2 – 8 is now available as a PTA/PTO sponsored program and  [...]