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RunFit Kidz has a Safe Return to Activity Plan and this includes our Zoom participants. The safety of our participants is paramount in everything we do here at RunFit Kidz, therefore, it is important for you and your child to review the action items below.

  • Please ensure you have all you have proper workout attire.  This includes items such as comfortable clothing (shorts, leggings, sweats, tshirt) and running shoes.  Also be sure you always have water bottle nearby for easy access.

  • Create a space that is approximately 5feet x 5feet that is free of hazards such as toys, shoes, furniture, pets, siblings (that are not participating). It is really important that you can move freely and safely in your area.  Coaches will proactively create activities that may be performed within this size space.

  • Every player should join the Zoom class with Video.  In order for our coaches to provide safe, appropriate and helpful form queues they must be able to see the participant as best as possible given the limitations of Zoom technology.  If you are unsure about being on video please have a conversation with your instructor prior to the start of the season. 

  • Every participant should join Zoom with their Audio on Mute. There will be times when the coaches will allow for conversation upon which the host can unmute the group.  The following to include but not limited to will not be tolerated under any circumstances and the offender may be asked to leave the group: inappropriate language, racial/gender or bias slurs, negative self-talk and negative talk to others.  This is an inclusive group and are mission is for all of our participants to leave each session feeling stronger, accomplished and positive about themselves.

  • Please plan ahead, coaches may ask prior to the class to have an item or items available for an activity – for ex. A stuffed animal, ball or playing cards – we ask that you have them out and ready before the start of class.  Coaches will always email those items ahead of class, so if you do not have an item available please contact the coach ahead of time and they can provide suggestions for a suitable substitute. 

  • It is important that all of our participants demonstrate appropriate behavior during the Zoom session.  We ask all participants refrain from disruptive behavior as our time is limited.  Should behavior continue to be a distraction the coach may ask a parent to step in and/or may close the video until the child is prepared to participate.   

  • Parents are encouraged to be in the area during zoom for our younger participants in case they require assistance either with an activity or Zoom technology