The 5K Training Plan specifically designed for parents and other family members who would like to join their child at the RunFit Kidz 5K Celebration Run is finally available at three different levels.  Over the past few years I've been asked by parents about training plans so they too could be ready to run with their children or like many of us - eat their dust - they are fast!!!  So I'm so glad to be able to provide a beginner, intermediate and advanced plan for all levels of runners.  Obviously these program are generic in nature, so if you are a seasoned runner feel free to change the plan to meet your needs and for those of you just getting into it do not hesitate to call or email any of the coaches if you have questions.  We hope you enjoy the training programs and we look forward to your running with us at the next RunFit Kidz 5K.  

Note:  If you are looking for personal coach and/or plan for your next race whether it be a 5K, Marathon or Triathlon please feel free to contact us and we can put you in touch with the right coach for you.  Fee does apply for personal coaching and/or personal training plans.


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