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The below names reflect those of parents and family members of the RunFit Kidz participants.  RunFit Kidz participants are automatically registered for the 5K and will not be listed below.

The below list reflects registrations as of October 31st.  We will update this list every 7-10 days - please check back periodically.  If you have a question regarding your registration please reach out to Terri Marlin at

School - Name- Tshirt Size

Bonnie Brae

Mary Mendez, Adult Medium
Shannon Santangelo - Adult Small
Anna Fiser - Adult Small

John Kelleher - Adult Large
Carri Jurin - Adult Small
Dustin Lee - Adult Large

Canterbury Woods

Aaron Dausman - Adult Large
Jenny Wells - Adult Small

Capital Baptist - Tuesday Class

Jennifer Costescu - Adult Small
Peter Brackins - Youth Medium
Monika Panas - Adult Small

Capital Baptist - Thursday Class
David MIDDENDORF  Adult Large

T Truong - Adult Small
Ken Dickerson - Adult Medium
Valerie Dickerson - Adult Small

Cardinal Forest
James Hyalnd,  Adult Medium
Bob Falconi, Adult Large
Maddy Sayasithsena, Adult Medium

Cunningham Park
jennifer steiling, Adult Small
Justin Storch, Adult Large
Tim Smith, Adult Medium
Taylor Smith, Adult Small
Julia Beach, CAdult Large
Robert Beach, Adult X-Large
Stafford Beach, Medium

Christiaan De Luigi - Adult Medium
Emma Garthwaite - Youth Large
Susan Garthwaite - Adult Small


Brian Peugh  - Adult Medium
Chereka Sahlu - Adult Large
Gilberto Ruiz - Adult Large
Melanie Beckman - Adult Medium

Hunt Valley
Caren Hergenroeder,  Adult Large
Hyojin Kang, Adult Medium
Melvin Reyes, Adult Medium

John McHugh - Adult XX-Large
Meredith McHugh - Adult Medium
Daniel Hays - Adult Large
Yury Martinez - Adult Small

Keene Mill
Darren Smith, Adult Medium
Carla Foote, Adult X-Large
Katherine Holt, Adult Large
Kahyan Butcher,  Adult Large

Timothy Greeney - Adult Large

Kings Glen
Ellena Talbott,  Adult Large
Samantha Schrager, Youth Large

Carolyn McDonald - Adult Medium
Matt McDonald Kings - XX-Large
Heather Gogola - Adult Medium
Martin healy - Adult X-Large
Cynthia Healy - Adult Large

Kings Park
Ricky Massaro,  Adult Medium
Christina Eastman, Adult X-Large
Heather Schrager, Adult Medium

James Crow - Adult X-Large
Aaron Jeanguenat - Adult Medium
Patrick Aldrich - Adult Large
Erin Fickling -  Adult Large
Meghean Melendrez - Adult Small
Rachel Batkins - Adult Small
Sam Batkins - Adult Large

Little Run
Lindsey Morton, Adult Medium
Madison Morton, Youth Small

Eugenio Pinto L- Adult Medium
Yong Kim - Adult Large
Julia Kim - Youth Large
Raymond Henry - Adult Large
Alex ERICKSON - Adult Large
Katie ERICKSON - Youth Medium
Bill Blackford - Adult Medium

Mary F Williams
Ghanshyam Patel  Adult Large
Trupti Patel, Adult Medium
Jacob Ferrara,  Adult Large
Stephanie Donahue, Adult Large
Christina Martin, Adult Small
Michael Martin, Adult X-Large
Jamie Polanco, Adult Small
Jennie Pashneh-Tala, Adult Small
Kamyar Pashneh-Tala,  Adult Large
Julianne Chavis, Adult Large

Auddis Adubofour - Adult Large
Erik Lein - Adult Large
Francisco Hernandez -  Adult Large

Robert Cheatham, Adult Medium
Michele Baran, Adult Medium
Brenda Diaz, Adult Large
Noah Mazzola, Youth Medium
Novena Mazzola, Youth Large

Shannon Merriweather - Adult XX-Large
John Licud N- Adult Large

Elizabeth Thompson,  Adult Medium
Dustin Wallace, Adult X-Large
Jamie Kerr,  Youth Medium

Tracy Vericker - Adult Medium
Rob Vericker - Adult Large
Jason Vericker - Youth Medium
Matthew Howard - Adult Large
Meghan Howard - Adult Medium
JULIE RILEY - Adult Small
Kelly Houff - Adult Small
Jon Taylor - Adult X-Large

Orange Hunt
Jeffrey Good,  Adult Large
Ashley Good, Adult Medium
Cory Walker, Adult Medium
Hysen Shala, Adult Large
Brad Gordon, Adult X-Large
Mike Shedd,  Adult Medium
Anne Rios, Adult Large
Elizabeth Cornett, Adult Medium
Jonathan Cornett, t Adult Medium
Shelly Oberst, Adult Small
Stuart Parker,  Adult Large
Danielle Kama,  Adult Small
Sarah Rios, Youth Large
LaToya Bernadin, Adult X-Large
Caroline Pinegar, Adult Small
Jake Pinegar, Adult Large
Scott James, Adult Large

Sean Lewin, II - Adult Medium
Danielle Vigue - Adult Medium
Radwan Ziadeh - Adult Medium
Angela Harrison - Adult Large
Benjamin Harrison - Adult X-Large
Lyla Harrison O- Youth Large
Anamarie Harrison - Youth Large
Meredith Launey - Adult Medium
Patrick Launey - Adult X-Large
Ina Mellor - Adult Medium
Ben Miller - Adult Medium
Kevin Laden - Adult Large
Erica Dahlin - Adult Medium
Brad Dahlin - Adult Medium
Daniela Smith - Adult Medium
Suliman Kazimi - Adult Medium
Yusuf Kazimi - Youth Small
Zohair Kazimi - Youth Small

Pat Hemmer,  Adult Large
Pam Ryan,  Adult Medium
Jeff Wisecarver, Adult X-Large
Katie Wisecarver,  Adult Medium
Loretta Karr,  Adult Large
Todd Karr, Adult Large
William Thewes,  Adult X-Large
Michael Edmonston,  Adult Large
Nicole Leger,  Adult Medium

Abby Novak - Adult Medium
Brian Mowbray - Adult X-Large
Carmen Gomez - Adult Medium
Franklin Gomez - Adult Large
Lucas Gomez - Adult Medium
Theresa Garcia - Adult Small
Jason Hunter - Adult Large

Rolling Valley
Leslie Dupont Rolling Valley Adult Large
Robert Johnson  Adult X-Large

Jose Jimenez - Adult Large
Marisa Chavez - Adult Medium

Saint Thomas Aquinas
John Cannarella  Adult Large
Anika Senan Saint Thomas Aquinas Adult Small
JACKLYN NKRUMAH Saint Thomas Aquinas Adult Medium
July Rodriguez Saint Thomas Aquinas Adult Medium
Mark Haaser Saint Thomas Aquinas Adult X-Large

Mabel Chorpenning - Adult Small
Aaron Chorpenning - Adult Large
James Tillotson - Adult Large

Jordan Bernstein  -  Adult Large

Kevin Horrigan - Adult Medium
Chadwick Igl - Adult Large
Sam Krehnbrink - Adult X-Large
Amy Krehnbrink - Adult Small
Jason Bryan  - Tn Adult Small
Laura Bryan - Adult Large
Brenda Hersh - Adult Small
Bill Hersh- Adult X-Large
Orianna Bilby - Adult X-Large
Mark Hogsett - Adult Small
Jennifer Uhl - Adult X-Large
Sheetal Sindhi -g Adult Medium
Vipul Sindhi - Adult Large
Serena Sindhi - Adult Medium
keith packard - Adult Large
Glenn Nocerito - Adult Large
Seth Jordan - Adult Medium

Jared Nolen - Adult Large
Marc Medina - Adult Medium
Lisa Guppy - Adult Large
Michelle Scales - Adult Small
James Ridgway - Adult X-Large
Sarah Stevenson - Adult Medium
Amit Patel - Adult Medium
Dhanvi Patel - Youth Small
Matt Stites - Adult X-Large
patrick keim - Adult Medium
Michael Fitzpatrick - Adult X-Large
Nichole Fitzpatrick - Adult X-Large
Ella Fitzpatrick - Adult Small
Jim Batrla - Adult Large

Stratford Landing
Amy McFee  Adult Medium
Sandra Gehring - Adult Medium
Stefan Deichmann - Adult Large
Michael Rusten - Adult Large
Kathleen Colvert - Adult Small

Sunrise Valley
Costa Nicolaidis - Adult Medium
Anjia Nicolaidis - Adult Small
Evan Nicolaidis - Youth Medium

Laura Higgins - Adult Small
Dan Folliard - Adult Large
Alan Trombley - Adult Medium

Raymond Ciarcia  Adult Medium
Steven Lang - Adult Large
megan peacock - Adult Medium
Julia Sorrentino - Adult Medium
Rida Lyammouri - Adult Large
Salma Lyammouri - Youth Small
Andrea Edmiston - Adult Medium
Ut Huynh - Adult Small
Isabella Naing - Youth Small
Kimberly Smith - Adult Small
Stacy Pekarik - Adult Medium

West Springfield
Jenna Watts  -  Adult Small

Drew Kent - Adult Large
Elizabeth McMullin - Adult X-Large
Eileen Mark   - Adult Large
Sarallyn White - Youth Large
Ken Hays - Adult Large
Carrie Monger - Adult Medium
Erin Snow - Adult Small
Jenice Heaton - Adult Small
Kevin Heaton - Adult Medium
Matt Beverly - Adult Large
Alan Hess - Adult Large
Atom Hess - Adult Medium​​

The following are participants registered on November 1st or later.  We do not guarantee tshirts for the below registrants but if we have extra on race day they will be offered on a first come first serve.  

Joe Siegrist Cunningham Park Adult X-Large
Patrick Young West  Springfield - Tuesday Adult Large
Patrick Hemmer Ravensworth Youth Large
Christine Ortiz Laurel Ridge Adult Medium
Brittany Liberatore Sangster - Tuesday Afternoon Adult Small
Rebecca Nieves Cunningham Park Adult Medium
Monica Wait Sangster - Tuesday Morning Adult Medium
Daniel Wait Sangster - Tuesday Morning Adult Large
Tammy Asadzadeh Ravensworth Adult Large
Karen Olweiler Sangster - Tuesday Afternoon Adult Large
John Montinola Kings Glen Adult Large
Farshid Asadzadeh Ravensworth Adult X-Large
Dan Miller Sangster - Tuesday Afternoon Adult X-Large
Scott Wilson West Springfield - Thursday Adult Medium
Rob Smith Sangster - Tuesday Afternoon Adult X-Large
Rachel Gelb Laurel Ridge Adult Medium
Greg Johnson Sangster - Tuesday Afternoon Adult Large
David Manka Sangster - Tuesday Morning Adult Large
Autumn Manka Sangster - Thursday Morning Adult Medium
Aaron Cooper Oakview Adult Large
Charles Jackson Laurel Ridge Adult Large
mARY nIEMI Cardinal Forest Adult X-Large
Maritess Morales Orange Hunt Adult Small
Kumneger Gebremedhin Hunt Valley Youth Large
Soliyana Gebremedhin Hunt Valley Youth Medium
Hailey Yenyo Orange Hunt Adult Medium
Sofia Mellor Orange Hunt Adult Medium
Robert Gilmore Canterbury Woods Adult X-Large
Bashaan Prewitt Mary F Williams Adult Large
Jarod Forget Hunt Valley Adult X-Large
Erich Coleman Mary F Williams Adult Large
Jill Maguire Wakefield Adult Small
Aalap Sabnis Stratford Landing Adult Small
Chad Rink Laurel Ridge Adult Medium
Bruce Rubin Laurel Ridge Adult X-Large
David Tomlinson Orange Hunt Adult Large
Suzy Tucker Sangster - Tuesday Afternoon Adult Small
Meghan Banach Stratford Landing Adult Large
Amie Francis Oakview Adult X-Large
Adam Greenhouse Canterbury Woods Adult X-Large
Lisa Shields West Springfield - Thursday Adult Large
Vickie Mai Cunningham Park Adult Small
Karen Yep Cunningham Park Adult Medium